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Memories of me = Bad dreams

Artist Song
Elliott Smith  Memory Lane  
M. Ward  Hi-Fi  
Mates Of State  Goods  
Death Cab for Cutie  Someday You Will Be Loved  
Ben Lee  No Right Angles  
A Band of Bees  Wash in the Rain  
Little Barrie  Please Tell Me 
The Von Bondies  C'mon C'mon  
Mommy and Daddy  Lost the Plot  
The (International) Noise Conspiracy  A Small Demand 
Nickel Creek  Somebody More Like You  
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals  Beautiful Sorta  
Basement Jaxx  Do Your Thing  
Beulah  A Good Man Is Easy To Kill  
Broken Social Scene  Fire Eye'd Boy  
Franz Ferdinand  Eleanor Put Your Boots On  
matt pond PA  Last Song  


I've thought several dozen times the past couple weeks that I need to put that Death Cab song on a mix - so I'd start one forget about it and the process would repeat. So, I had like 4 recent mixes with it on there... So, I sat down today to make mix #5 noticed the other 4 deleted them and made this one... That's pretty much the story...