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f r i p p

Side A
Artist Song
rumforskning  lysar
(fremtiden, 2005) 
yo yo ma  diu diu dong
(yo yo solo, 1999) 
king crimson  providence
(red, 1974) 
tareb cello ensemble  a cappella
(machine language, 2004) 
robert fripp  midnight blue
(love cannot bear, 2005) 
numina  the thirteenth moon
(eye of the nautilus, 2005) 
fripp & eno  lupus
(the equatorial stars, 2004) 
robert fripp  on my mother's birthday
(love cannot bear) 
the circular ruins  the flame's shadow
(the alchemy concert, 2004) 
steve roach/robert fripp  seekers
(trance spirits, 2002) 
projekct two  deserts of arcadia (south)
(space groove, 1998) 
king crimson  vroom vroom: coda
(thrak, 1995) 
Side B
robert fripp  acceptance/affirmation
(love cannot bear) 
tony gerber/rob jenkins  red sun
(texture, 2002) 
rumforskning  rumtid (haendeise 1)
robert fripp  water music II
(exposure, 1978) 
alan imberg  lost so much
(texture, 2002) 
robert fripp  1987
(let the power fall, 1981) 
andy summers & robert fripp  in the cloud forest
(i advance masked, 1982) 
susumu yokota  grass, tree and stone
(the boy and the tree, 2002) 
robert fripp  Easter Sunday
(love cannot bear) 
stanley jordan  return expedition
(magic touch, 1985) 
gramm  type eins
(personal rock, 1998) 
king crimson  nuages (that which passes, passes like clouds)
(three of a perfect pair, 1984) 
king crimson  industry
(three of a perfect pair) 
robert fripp/terra roche  exposure


2 Discs: 72:41 | 75:08

Aural advocacy of advanced
frippertronics...in its many colours & varied incantations. Not so much 'Single
Artist' as 'Artist & those influenced by the Artist' (everyone represented,
save Yo Yo, signed an affidavit @ the l@b [and swore a blood oath] that Fripp, and his
experimentation with processed sound, influenced their musical paths). A predominently Ambient
set with some Classical, some glitch/dub, a sliver of Jazz, the experimental sounds of
Crimson...and, of course, Bobby Fripp hisself: processing, plucking, counter-pointing &
resonating away via the trusty, portable
Lunar Module.

Patterned/built around Robert's 2005 release
"Love Cannot Bear", along
with a few older Fripp/Crimson/Collaborative pieces, and similar guitar phrasings from artists
who cite him, cranky old Four-Quarters Maintaining taskmaster that he is, as an inspiration for
their own ambient axe-grinding and/or synth work.

Soundscaped constructs "embracing ambiguous space, foreboding thought, mourning, quietude,
threnody & lamentation, sonic pleroma...and affirmation"*.
Approximately 1/3 ripped from vinyl, this double shot definitely posed a challenge (and,
consequently, its own reward) as I wanted to both cover a lot of musical ground (though not his
new Windows sounds), but
also make a stand-alone set in terms of track f-l-o-w. Many cuts & configurations
were made to the playlist...but that which patience (and wincing) hath wrought is, in the end,
very satisfying (to my ears @ least).
Thanks again to

Warren Carney for his care package of December '05 tunes, 2 of which are incarcerated...uh, incorporated herein.

*From the album's liner notes.
(2 Artists from
empty spaces also appear within this set. Be the first to name either and I'll send
you your choice of disc 1 or 2; OR be the first to name both and I'll send you the
set--[maximum of 2 winners])


p the swede
Date: 1/25/2006
great, looks like something I really wanna hear
Instru Mental
Date: 1/25/2006
Greek to me, but this looks like something I might want to/should hear, Gene. You up for a trade of some sort?
Date: 1/26/2006
Who else but the power plant known as g.a.b. labs could tackle the farflung heights of Frippery-and the far-reaching influences of same? (A: no one.) The "Advanced" in the title really says it all. Bravo! (I remember the strangeness I felt listening to his Robert Fripp & the League of Gentlemen cassette waaaaay back when, on the EG label.)
Date: 1/26/2006
The mad mixotroligist from the g.a.b. l@bs has done it again (for the first time?) - fripping the light fripp-tastic w/the sonic tronics that we all know & love - and by all - I mean me & my shadow.
What am I saying? All will be reveiled....revived?
Strike that. Reverse it. No better man to doing a compilation of one of the other better gentlemen is in a league of his own.....
Great job, Gene.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 1/27/2006
Thanks for the comments...dang the site's been quirky this week-(must be all that HTML that everyone's learning)
Date: 1/27/2006
gab, your mixes always look so interesting. You really should do a continous mix(if you don't already) of your mixes and then post them online in some downloadable form.
Date: 1/27/2006
Spacy, gab! You are right about the site being flaky but I don't think it has anything to do with aitch-tee-em-ell.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 1/27/2006
You're right, Mixxer...


m or
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 1/30/2006
dmichuda-several people have asked me to make the mixes
available via mp3 download; however, I'm still exploring the legal ramificaitons of making music to which I do not hold the copyright
available for FREE online.

Coincidentally, this issue appeared this morning on the BBC:

High Court rules against two men accused of illegally making music available for download online
Warren M Carney
Date: 2/23/2006

Gene - thanks for sending me a copy, when I hear a mix like this, it's a 'join the dots' experience.

I don't consider myself a newcomer to ambient music (I still remember the day I bought David Sylvian's 'Gone to Earth' album in 1986) but I've always approached this genre more from an ambient electronic dance music angle via artists in the early to mid 1990's such as The Future Sound of London, The Orb, Irresistible Force, Global Communications, Autechre, the Artificial Intelligence Series on Warp Records etc etc, and now modern artists like Arovane, Vladislav Delay, Susumu Yokota and Jan Jelinek and anything on the Scape label out of Germany. Artists who add a nice bit of slow glitchy dub to proceedings.

In almost every article/interview with these artists, when they were asked to name their 'inspirations' it would inevitably be (in no particular order):

1. Kraftwerk
2. Eno
3. Fripp/King Krimson
4. Tangerine Dream
5. The Bladerunner Movie Soundtrack

I'm all over Kraftwerk and The Bladerunner soundtrack, and have obviously heard tracks by Eno, Fripp and Tangerine Dream, but I've always thought, in my own snobbish way, of Eno, Fripp and Tangerine Dream as 'old' and that what I am listening to now as 'new' (and new is ALWAYS better than old, right ??)

So this is what I mean by 'join the dots'. It's an enjoyable learning experience, where the connections between artists and the sounds they use and share ooze through the speakers

So thanks to Gene 'The Teacher'
from your humble student in Australia.........
Date: 3/22/2006
A superb piece of work, Gene!
Date: 9/24/2007