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Artist Song
the beatles  for no one  
iron & wine  such great heights  
dar williams  family  
dresden dolls  perfect fit 
una guitarra  here there and everywhere 
lisa loeb  drops me down  
but i'm a cheerleader!  resist you 
jewel  foolish games  
t.a.t.u.  all the things she said  
mimi & roger (RENT)  without you 
lisa loeb  payback  
jewel  barcelona  
dresden dolls  truce 
azure ray  hold on 
sunday  wild horses 
michelle branch  goodbye to you  
alison krauss  it doesn't matter 
tim curry  i'm going home  
tegan + sara  fix you up 
lisa loeb  everyday  
amber benson  under your spell 


a depressing compilation of songs that remind me of exes, songs that remind me of perfection TV couples the broke (mostly from buffy 15-17 and 21) and songs that just are sad (18). i hope that this fills your 'depresso-void' fix better than ryan cabrerra.