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hustle spasms

Artist Song
the sundays  another flavour  
madness  i'll compete 
elliott smith  christian brothers  
some girls  feel it  
tori amos  cruel  
the gossip  fire sign 
doug martsch  dream  
cake  open book  
cat power  living proof  
bouncing souls  lamar vannoy  
rufus wainwright  milbrook 
10,000 maniacs  poison in the well  
the rolling stones  under my thumb  
the mighty mighty bosstones  another drinkin' song  
pearl jam  breath  
the mamas and the papas  shooting star 
311  purpose  
saint etienne  goodnight  


"fashion...the timing was wrong...your friends are fairweather, you knew it all along..."

"but i'll compete...for all that it's worth..."

"...and you think i oughta shake your mother fucking hand...well i know how much you care..."

"it's not gonna be like heaven for long, will you still be here when the crowds have gone?"

"i can be cruel, i don't know why, why can't my balloon stay up, in a perfectly windy sky..."

"what do i gotta do to make it work out, what do i gotta do"

"how many times ive seen, passenger jet planes stopping in mid air. fall and crash right in front of me, being surprised that this time its for real..."

"but youre caught in your own glory, you are believing your own stories, writing your own headlines, ignoring your own deadlines, but now youve got to write them all again"

"yes i was jealous because you were sworn, how could you come undone to a word so strong?"

"something had to change somewhere or he would go insane, but when some years slipped by, and he still felt the same...people and money came and went and the only thing that stayed the same, were the feelings he felt, when those records played..."

"and all the evening breakdowns, will soon be washed from their hands"

"but the week is over and now its grown into years since i was told i should be calm, theres nothing to fear"

"the change has come, she's under my thumb"

"please no applause, a dedication to a medication, a crutch, a cure, a cause...what ive counted on to pick me up has knocked me to my knees"

"can't expect to go out with anything more...run away my son, see it all, see the world..."

"you were a shooting star, weren't you?...till moon dust came along and burned you..."

"coming up to the surface and maybe, ill never see you again, then again, who knows"

"goodnight...goodnight, goodnight, goodnight...will you sing me to sleep, and stroke my hair? I'll close my eyes if i know that you're there..."


Mike Eternity
Date: 2/6/2006
Even forgetting the songs themselves, I'm already a fan of your assembly of musicians there on the left side, as well as your lyrical accompaniments.
Date: 2/21/2006
whoa! cat power, BOUNCING SOULS, and then rufus. what a great line up!