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eight hundred miles away...

Side A
Artist Song
Sunhouse  Swing Low 
Radiohead  Street Spirit 
Current 93  A Lament for my Suzanne 
Angels of Light  Praise Your Name 
Portishead  Roads 
David J  I Hear Only Silence Now 
Legendary Pink Dots  Light in my Little Girl's Eyes 
The Cranes  Hopes Are High 
Joy Division  In A Lonely Place 
The Swans  Warm 
Side B
Depeche Mode  In Your Room 
Bjork  Joga 
Sisters of Mercy  Driven Like The Snow 
Bauhaus  Hair of The Dog 
The Cure  Primary 
PJ Harvey  Beuatiful Feeling 
The Chameleons  In Shreds 
The Slaves  Oscalarum Infame 
Elliot Smith  Between the Bars 
My Bloody Valentine  Lose My Breath 
Willard Grant Conspiracy  Morning is the End of the Day 
Toro Amos  Cloud on My Tongue 



g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 3/7/2001
an interesting mix; poignant and somewhat introspective...perfect for the right frame of mind.