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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
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Now, Bring Me That Horizon

Side A
Artist Song
AC/DC  Highway to Hell 
Flogging Molly  Within a Mile of Home  
The Beatles  Back in the USSR 
AC/DC  Hell's Bells 
Whitesnake  Here I Go Again  
Meatloaf  Like a Bat Out of Hell 
Side B
Ani DiFranco  Gravel  
Incubus  Drive  
Fastball  The Way  
The Wallflowers  One Headlight  
Something Corporate  I Woke Up in a Car  
The Killers  Midnight Show  
Poe  Hey Pretty Remix 


This is the road trip mix tape I made for my friends and I. We were going on a five hour road trip to Hell, Michigan in a car without a CD player so they called upon my wonderful mix tape skills. These are the songs we felt epitomized our first road trip together as well as a few slide in references to our destination. The title is from the end of Pirates of the Caribbean.


Date: 2/16/2006
That's three trips at least. Are you sure it wasn't the Lane to Limbo?