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Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock

Indie Extravaganza

Side A
Artist Song
Yo La Tengo  From A Motel 6 
Sugar  Helpless 
The Waking Hours  Dolores 
Man or Astro-Man?  Super Rocket Rumble 
Pitchblende  Flax 
Shellac  Billiard Player Song 
Archers of Loaf  What Did You Expect? 
Jawbox  Absenter 
The Dismemberment Plan  The City 
Stereolab  Percolator 
Portastatic  St. Elmo's Fire 
Ultracindy  Starblazers 
Superchunk  Precision Auto 
Side B
Magnetic Fields  Plant White Roses 
Low  Slide 
Luna  Sideshow By The Seashore 
Fudge  Wayside 
Galaxie 500  Instrumental 
Tullycraft  Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About 
Enon  Conjugate The Verbs 
Seam  Bunch 
Halo Benders  Don't Touch My Bikini 
Lois  Shy Town 
Heavenly  Atta Girl 
The Wedding Present  Brassneck 
Jonny Cohen & The Shoe Trees  Christmas Trees Everywhere 


I made this mix tape for a friend who asked me to describe my music tastes. Some of the songs are lower in sound quality due to my varied sources and shoddy equipment.