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Danceable Music. A Mix.

Side A
Artist Song
The Cure  Why Can't I Be You  
New Order  Bizarre Love Triangle  
That Petrol Emotion  Big Decision  
Iggy Pop  Cry for Love  
Sisters of Mercy  Marian  
Killing Joke  Adorations  
Vital Sines   Collage 
Front 242  Quite Unusual  
Moev  Alibis  
Side B
The Mission UK  Bridges Burning 
Joy Division  Isolation  
Wire  Ahead  
D.A.F.P.  Dead in Love 
Cabaret Voltaire  Here to Go  
Section 25  Looking from a Hilltop  
Ministry  All Day 
Pet Shop Boys  Love Comes Quickly  
Eurythmics  Doubleplusgood 


Through most of the 80s, I was too young to go to the clubs. So I made this mix, imagining what I'd like to hear if I could get in... here's what I wrote the cassette cover: "This Tape made June '87 in John's studio." i.e. my buddy John's bedroom, when I was 18 (age of majority in Ontario, Canada, at that time was 19)... But the tracklisting (written in pencil) appears to have been erased and rewritten, so I think must've reworked this mix at least once after that point (maybe based on what I actually heard in the clubs I went to after I turned 19!)


Date: 2/22/2006
BTW I have no recollection at all about track 4 on side 2 - who was D.A.F.P.?
Date: 2/22/2006
What fun to find such an old mix. Well I tried to look up "Dead In Love" to no avail. There was a Baby Bird that recorded one around that time, but it has nothing to do with D.A.F.P.
Date: 10/4/2007
whoops sorry bingsy just saw your comments. DAFP (if memory serves) was from southwestern ontario somewheres - Guelph or London or something like that. I think they only put out a couple of 12" records