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Goodbye 70s

Artist Song
Simple Minds  Changeling {1979} 
Joy Division  Isolation {1980} 
Gary Numan  Cars {1979} 
Human League  Blind Youth {1979} 
The Normal  Warm Leatherette {1978} 
D.A.F.  CoCo Pino {1980} 
Cabaret Voltaire  Nag Nag Nag {1978} 
Killing Joke  Complications {1980} 
Public Image Ltd.  Swan Lake {1979} 
Bauhaus  The Passion of Lovers {1981} 
Magazine  Definitive Gaze {1978} 
New Order  Everything's Gone Green {1981} 
Talking Heads  Once in a Lifetime {1980} 
23 Skidoo  I.Y. {1982} 
Romeo Void  Never Say Never {1982} 
Devo  Whip It {1980} 
The Clash  Radio Clash {1981} 


Punks discover technology and whatnot. I had wanted this to be stictly British, with that dank'n'dingey postpunk vibe, but couldnt help adding in a few Anglophilic Americans. And the godly DAF boys. Ah well, nobody's perfect.


Pop Kulcher
Date: 2/23/2006
Nice theme, well-chosen selections. "Isolation" is one of my favorite JD tracks... it never seems to get the same recognition as the singles, but was probably the best predictor of where they would head with New Order.
Date: 2/23/2006
very nice.
Date: 2/23/2006
XTC would have taken the place of the yanks quite nicely. So would have Bill Nelson's Red Noise. It is a nice job.
Date: 2/23/2006
XTC... inneresting, but not enough synths, too much of a pop vibe, tho? "Making Plans For Nigel" is a towering inferno of new wave godhead though... come to think of it, Nigel would be pretty cool next to Devo's Whip It.

Bill Nelson would be perfect in here, but when I made the CD I dint have any of his stuff on hand. STill dont, cuz it's pretty much all outta print I think.
Date: 2/25/2006
This is great work, skritchy. I'll mention your name at head office. Could be a promotion in this. 2, 7, 12 & 17 are personal high spots.