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MOOBY! and the lords of the underworld

Artist Song
Those chicks from "O Brother, Where Art Thou"  Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby 
Zappa  Peaches En Regalia 
Moby  Southside 
Dread Zeppelin  Hey, Hey, What Can I Do? 
Dave Matthews Band  I Did It 
Dire Straits  Twistin' By The Pool 
Dee Lite  You Sexy Thing 
Bangles  Manic Monday 
Zappa   Heavy Duty Judy 
Aerosmith w/Jimmy Page  Sweet Emotion 
Anthrax  Black Lodge 
Roy Orbison  Only In Dreams 
The Champs  Tequila 
Faith No More  Ashes To Ashes 
Elton John  Tiny Dancer 
Run-DMC  Walk This Way (with Liv Tyler's Dad) 
Blues Traveler  Hook 
Ween  She's Your Baby 


JUMPING JESUS ON A POGO STICK!!! I love that Zappa-like turnaround in that new DMB song! Damn! Yes, I did just finish watching Blue Velvet when I decided to put 'Black Lodge' by Anthrax and 'Only In Dreams' by Roy F'n Orbison on the disc. And I can confidently say without any damage to my masculinity or heterosexuality that the Ween song is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I wish they'd come to my town already. I think they'd like it here.
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Date: 3/8/2001