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What Are You Eating?

Artist Song
The Screamers  The Scream 
Problem  Va Har Ja Gjort 
Johnny Moped  No One  
The Adverts  Quickstep  
Lou Reed  Kill Your Sons  
Pop Rivets  Fun In The U.K. 
Johnny Yen Bang  Kill The Disco 
Forgotten Rebels  Fuck You Dead 
Pere Ubu  Street Waves  
Subway Sect  Chain Smoking  
Chrome  Chromosome Damage  
Ice And The Iced  We've Had Enough  
Guilty Razors  Hurts + Noises 
Gasoline  Radio Flic 
Filth   Sex 
Checkmates  Weekend 
Mollesters  Plastic 
Les Electrodes  Black Flag 
Edith Nylon  Tank 
Siouxie And The Banshees  Arabian Knights 
The Action  TV's On The Blink 
Cheetah Chrome  Still Wanna Die 
Cock Sparrer  I Got Your Number  
Features  City Scenes 
Gang Of Four  Damaged Goods  
Tarts  All The Girls In The World 
Tripple Cripple  Born To Fuck 
Antler Joe And The Accidents  Words 
FX  Slag  
Beez  Easy 


I'm willing to trade if you want. I'd really like to actually.


Date: 4/12/2006
Me too.
Tube Disaster
Date: 8/8/2006
I was wondering when I'd run into a mix with Pere Ubu's Street Waves on it. thats such a good song. the screamers too- thats awsome. and ice and the iced- i havent heard them in forever. this is good.