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Side A
Artist Song
The Tara King Theory  Fourth Dimention, Five Light Feelings (?, ?) 
The Dixie Cups  Chapel Of Love (New Orleans, Louisana) 
Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)  Shakedown (?, Finland) 
Autistic Youth  Autistic Youth (Portland, Oregon) 
The Triggers  Kill Your Ego (Portland, Oregon) 
Vast Majority  I Wanna Be A Number (?, Texas) 
Beat Beat Beat  Cheap Time?? (Atlanta, Georgia) 
Gold Crush  Darling, Darling (Sweden) demo 
Burning Kitchen  Impact (Stockholm, Sweden) 
Millcharge  Symbol of Oppression (Portland, Oregon) live on KBOO 90.7 FM Portland 
Gaia  This One (?, Japan) 
outro (?, ?) 
Side B
Virus  Afghan Rebels (?, U.K.) 
Anti-Septic  Visions Of Power (?, Japan) 
Gorilla Angreb  The Saw Is The Law (?, Denmark) 
The Winks  You're Gonna Die (?, Texas) 
Vast Majority  Poor Sid (? Texas) 
Gouka  Sense Of Superiority, Fuck Off! (?, Japan) 
The Eat  Nut Cop (Miami, Floria) 
Beton Combo  High On War (?, Germany) 
No Hope For The Kids  Rainy Day (?, Denmark) 
Tapeworm  Blues For An Insurance Salesman (?, Connecticut) 
Schund  Chaos (?, Germany) 
The Pagans  What's This Shit Called Love? (Cleveland, Ohio) 
The Loudmouths  One Of The Boys (San Francisco, California) 
The Dicks  Hate The Police (Austin, Texas) 


Punk (except for the first 2-3 songs) from late-1970's until now. This is from awhile ago that I just saw in my closet. The first 2 songs I like and added them before I really knew what I was doin' so they're kinda embarrassing. Side A = Always Side B = Busy. Last song on Side B cuts off but it gets the point across.
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