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Artist Song
Desperate Bicycles  Handlebars 
Babeez  Hate 
XS Energy  Imaginary 
Helen Keller  Surfin' With Steve And Idi Amin 
Sniveling Shits  Terminal Stupid 
Spelling Mistakes  Mirrors 
School Meals  Headmaster 
E-In Bruno  Indianapolis 
Zolar X  Timeless  
Dangerous Girls  I Don't Wanna Eat With The Family 
Wrong Kind Of Stone Age  Run Amok 
Jack And The Rippers  I Feel Like A Tram 
Jackie Shark And The Beach Butchers  2nd Generation Rising 
The Silencers (post-Shock)  Boyfriends And Girlfriends 
Mary Monday  Pop Gun 
Mort Subite  Ich Liebe Ulrike 
The Jerks  Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me  
Rockpile  Heart  
The Chords  My Street 
Suicide Club  New World In The Morning 
Venus And The Razorblades  Finer Things In Life  
Sick Things  Antisocial Disease 
The Brat  Attitudes  
The Stripes  Weekend Love 
Trash  Priorities  
Tits  Daddy Is My Pusher 
Wards  Greens 
Essentials  I Don't Get 
Flys  Love And A Molotov Cocktail 
The Screamers  She's The Girl (In The Car With The Glasses And The Gun) 


31) Flipper - "Living For The Depression"
32) The Automatics - "When The Tanks Roll Over Poland"
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Mike Eternity
Date: 2/27/2006
The only thing I know on here is Rockpile, but that's enough for me to assume that the rest is awesome. I like mixes full of bands I've never heard of. Gives me new avenues to explore. Plus I'm always game for some punk. Thanks for the tips. Hopefully someday I can return to this and tell you how great it is sans my own ignorance
Date: 2/27/2006
So you are the other Desperate Bicycles fan. I always knew I was not alone...
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 2/27/2006
Me too, Mike. If its got Rockpile it gotta be good!
Dead Heaven
Date: 2/27/2006
I must admit my ignorace when it comes to your musicl selection, but you cover design is tops!
Joe Radio
Date: 3/19/2006
Good stuff. Track 23...is that the band from East LA? I didn't know they put out any records (a curse common to a lot of late 70's LA punk bands). Lemme know if you wanna trade some mixes. I saw you comment on my Trash City Rockers Vol. 1
k. douglas
Date: 3/30/2006
rockpile is the shit!