it was electric! so frightfully hectic!

Side A
Artist Song
* the kinks  come dancing 
* sweet  ballroom blitz 
* black sabbath  paranoid 
system of a down  old school hollywood  
* against me!  those anarcho punks sure are mysterious... 
cheap trick  surrender  
the clash  spanish bombs  
* nick lowe  so it goes 
* elo  livin' thing 
* supertramp  take the long way home 
* the pixies  la la love you 
* r.e.m.  fall on me 
jonathan richman and the modern lovers  ice cream man 
* velvet underground and nico  femme fatale 
* elvis costello and the attractions  deep dark truthful mirror 
* the police  so lonely 
* bob dylan  all along the watchtower 
rolling stones  mother's little helper 
rooney  sorry sorry  
Side B
the ramones  you're gonna kill that girl 
the clash  train in vain  
* elvis costello and the attractions  new lace sleeves 
warren zevon  excitable boy  
the beatles  from me to you  
* the police  can't stand losing you 
* r.e.m.  cuyahoga 
david bowie  velvet goldmine 
* thin lizzy  dancing in the moonlight 
murder city devils  dancin shoes 
the pixies  velouria 
psychadelic furs  pretty in pink 
* alice cooper  school's out 
green day  jesus of suburbia  


here is a bunch of songs that i love driving to. it was pretty hard to par down the list enough to actually make the tape. i think that took me two days because i kept getting distracted.

anyway, because i'm a snob and a show off, the * indicates which songs came from either my record collection or my boyfriend's.


Date: 3/8/2006
Lot of cool songs on here-nice mix
Date: 3/8/2006
i love that Sweet song sooooo much, this looks like a very fun mix!
Mike Eternity
Date: 3/8/2006
This makes me uncontrollably giddy :)
Date: 3/8/2006
This is a most entertaining mix. A fair razzamatazz of poptastic delights. Some thoughts occur, and they've nothing to do with the mix -- which is fab!. Who owns the songs not marked with an asterisk? What do you have against the upper case letter? Was it some grammatical childhood trauma which led to your abandoning the shift key? Why should I care? You may ask. Oh, I don't know, call it pedantry if you wish. But hey, capital letters -- it's their world too.