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Yossarian12's Erotic Toys Mix

Artist Song
Common Rider  Classics of Love  
Gene Norman & the Rockin Rockets  Snaggletooth Ann 
Throwdown  Burn  
The Bodies  (Take you out) Tonite  
The Crest  Rich Girl 
Brain Failure  Listen to my back  
Killed by the Bull  Chicken Legs  
Splodgenessabounds  Two Pints of Lager 
Public Enemy  Bring the Noise  
Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards  Army of Zombies 
Rocketz  K I L L I N G 
The Cufflinks  Guided Missiles  
The Lillingtons  Phantom Maggot  
Richard Hell & the Voidoids  Love Comes in Spurts  
The Robins  Smokey Joe's Cafe  
The Undertones  Get Over You  
The Frampton Brothers  Dressing Room 
Dick Dale  Hava Nagila  
The Real McKenzies  Droppin Like Flies 
Johnny Thunders  You can't put your arms around a memory  
The Bleeders  New Kind of Hate 
Dead Milkmen  Stuart 
Snapcase  Incarnation  
Swingin Utters  Glad 
Vacancies  Save Yourself 
Charlie Feathers  Peepin Eyes  
Street Dogs  Modern Day Labor Anthem  
The Prisonaires  Just Walkin in the Rain 


What birthday present do you get for a guy who may or may not own every piece of recorded music since the beginning of time? Why you customize an action figure of his favorite female comic book character, using the head of who he thinks is one of the hottest actresses, and slip in this mix that hopefully has 28 songs that he does not own. I'd be happy if he only has 14 of these. For user Yossarian12's b-day, 3 months and 1 day AFTER his birthday. And no, I have no fear of this spoiling it for him as I don't think he's been on here in 4 years, but thought I'd share with the rest of you anyway.
Mix is a cross section of stuff I've been listening to recently.
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Date: 3/18/2006
Well, I dig this...for what it's worth.
joey de vivre
Date: 4/6/2006
Looks good to me - bring the noise!