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Double Trouble - Sides A & D

Side A
Artist Song
the Beatles  Revolution 1  
the Rolling Stones  Sweet Virginia  
the Who  The Punk Meets the Godfather 
Led Zeppelin  The Rover  
Bob Dylan  I Want You  
Jimi Hendrix  All Along the Watchtower  
Derek & the Dominoes  Bell Bottom Blues 
Stephen Stills/Manassas  It Doesn't Matter 
Tom Waits  Better Off Without a Wife  
the Mothers of Invention  You Didn't Try to Call Me 
Captain Beefheart  Old Fart At Play 
Side B
Bruce Springsteen  Cadillac Ranch  
the Clash  Spanish Bombs  
Public Image Ltd.  Careering  
U2  Angel of Harlem  
the Cure  Just Like Heaven  
Husker Du  Never Talking to You Again 
Minutemen  Doctor Wu 
Sonic Youth  Candle  
Smashing Pumpkins  Bullet With Butterfly Wings  
Guns 'N Roses  14 Years 
Magnetic Fields  I Think I Need a New Heart 
Paul Westerberg  High Time 
Foo Fighters   Best of You  


A tribute to the double album. Back in vinyl days, a group attempting a double was swinging for the fences. A double album was an event, one that bespoke ambition and artistic heft. A surprising number of doubles were great `uns, even definitive (Stones, Who, Beefheart, Elton, Stevie W, Prince, the Clash, PiL and Minutemen, for my money). Plus, I got to lead off with one of my beloved Beatles-Stones-Who-Zep runs. The glory days of vinyl doubles are long gone - a double just doesn't mean as much in these logorrheic days of padded 78-minute CDs. So here's a sampling of vinyl's glory (double) days, with a few CD-era worthies thrown in. Rules are simple - no best-ofs, no odds `n' sods and no live doubles. Exceptions made for Tom Waits (all original live double), Aretha (gospel live double as artistic and spiritual statement), Lennon (second disc is mostly original, though I kinda regret this call) and U2 (ditto and ditto). Triples count too, of course, but not half-orig/half-lives like Byrds' `Untitled' and Kinks' `Everybody's in Show-Biz.' (Judges are still deliberating on Python's three-sided `Matching Tie & Handkerchief.') Apologies to the Kinks' `Preservation Act 2' (I plumb forgot), Todd twice, Chicago (lost count), Can's `Tago Mago,' Miles' `Bitches Brew' (take that, Rock Hall), Soft Machine's `Third,' Merle Haggard's great Jimmie Rodgers tribute, Sinatra's `Trilogy,' Nick Cave, Eels and late-breaking, I-just-picked-this-up-and-it's-amazing `Lolita Nation' by Game Theory. No apologies to Uncle Lou's `Metal Machine Music,' Yes' `Tales of Pornographic Blowjobs,' Dylan's `Self Portrait,' Joni's `Don Juan' and, I'm guessing here, Focus 3. Double double awards to Dylan, the Who, Todd, Yoko, Chicago, Elton, the Clash, Husker Du, Isaac Hayes, Stevie W. and James Brown, with all-time "Shut Up Already" awards to multi-doubles champs Zappa and Prince. Gad, this intro is longer than the booklet to `Quadrophenia.' Rock on.and on and on and on.


Mr. Mirage
Date: 3/18/2006
Damn. And Damn.I too recall those momentous days, walking into the Record Shop that reeked of patchouli and burnt marshmallow, the day glo wallpaper, the smiling grinning faces and all of the Underground Comix that would get you arrested...For some unknown reason, the Brits always cranked out three superb sides with one stinker... and no one cared.BTW, most of my favorites are here, or on sides B & C... How that alone took me back... Stacking up the elpees, one atop the other, then getting lost in the wash, and when there was silence, rushing over, grabbing the two discs and flipping them over... hence the title and concept of the mixes...
Rob Conroy
Date: 3/18/2006
This looks great. I miss double albums...
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 3/18/2006
Any tribute to vinyl is an instant winner with this mixer. KUDOS!!!
Date: 3/18/2006
It's a nice concept of a mix. While I wouldn't say they belong here. I think Chicago got short sheeted in this tribute. It took them five albums before they understood what a single elpee was.
Date: 5/18/2010
mainly awesome...& "self portrait" gets a undesrved bad rap if you axe me (nobody did)...& i'd take "metal macine music" over the U2 & husker items & for that matter "tommy", that's just the kind of moron i am