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last night i was in a car accident...seriously

Side A
Artist Song
the Starvations  oh deputy  
(old) Hot Hot Heat  matodore at the door 
slapyourhandssayyeah  gimmie some salt 
the jam  pretty green  
joy division  ice age  
lou reed  hangin round (acoustic) 
the MAKE-UP  the choice 
the Modern Lovers  im straight 
pavement  shady lane 
delta 88 
velvet underground  venus in furs 
television  friction  
sonic youth  sunday  
rolling stones  have you seen your mother baby 
Side B
count five  psychotic reaction  
fresh young fellows  in the ground 
violent femmes  kiss off  
the sweet  ballroom blitz  
starvations  night mare 
pavement  blue hawaiian  
minor threat  stepin stone 
MC5  kick out the jams  
jim carroll  people who died 
high numbers  leavin here 
damned  i feel alright 
cramps  human fly 
velvet underground  temptation inside your heart 
squire  walking down the kings road  
spoon  paper tiger  


so last night i seriously was in a car accident with my girlfriend...were both ok. but it was kinda un-nerving. well im kinda in a music rut. i have a lot of new music but none of it seems to fit into any new mix's. this is my newest with a few new songs. this mix happns to be for chutney


Date: 3/20/2006
yay! i've listened to it all the way until..high numbers? around there. i like it mucho.
Date: 3/20/2006
Kirk? dude, you were great in "Paths of Glory" and "The Bad & the Beautiful" but your recent work is depressing, especially "It Runs in the Family." please retire.
k. douglas
Date: 3/21/2006
im not kirk douglas... my name is kyle
Date: 3/29/2006
jim carroll!!! i'm listening to that song right fucking now!