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keep keep keep my name out of your mouth

Artist Song
lightning bolt  2 towers  
curlupanddie  all bugs 
locust  moth-eaten deer head 
pink and brown   restructureing destruction 
glass casket  inbetween the sheets 
hot hot heat  haircut economics  
killing the dream  post script  
lightning blot  crown of storms 
locust  how to become a vergin 
nora  nobody takes pictures of the drummer  
swarm of the lotus  hookworm 
bleeding through  love lost in a hale of gunfire  
cave in  callus 
curupanddie  no wite flags 
himsa  cherum  
hot hot heat  word to water 
lightning bolt  assassin 
locust  straight from the horses mouth 


so ive got alot of grinf-core here... you may be wondering why hot hot heat is in a grind core mix...well the first album (scenes 1-13) is really good synth-gring-core awsomeness... i dont make amny mix cds, but when i do i like to repeat artsits alot more that i would on a tape... i have no excuse for the bleeding through... i like that song, thats about it