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Artist Song
Hello Saferide  If I Don't Write This Song Someone I Love Will Die 
Voxtrot  The Start Of Something  
The Shermans  Practice Performance 
The Loveninjas  Keep Your Love 
A Day For Kites  Bobby Pin 
The Marshmellow Kisses  Everyone Is Ahead Far Ahead 
Flatmates  Shimmer 
Park Ave  Cloak And Dagger 
Johnny Kendall & The Heralds  Everybody Loves A Clown 
Phoebe Quest  Deadly Dotti  
The Pastels  Thru' Your Heart  
Office   Bar Yellow 
Laura Greene  Moonlight Music And You  
Denise James  Could You Love Me? 
Maria Taylor   One For The Shareholder  
Eel  Minnie 
Studio  Shake U Down By The River 
Le Coupe  Our Way 
The Cuties  Ice Cream Man 
Television Personalities  I Hope You're Happy Now  
The Concretes  Change In The Weather  
Aberfeldy   Tie One On  
Holly Golightly  Without You Here  
Lefties Soul Connection  Organ Donor  



Mike Eternity
Date: 3/26/2006
Even indier than the usual indie pop mix, I'm only familiar with about half the bands on here, but they're all good ones, esp. Park Ave., The Shermans, and The Pastels. A few others I'm curious to learn more about (Lefties Soul Connection, Laura Greene, Loveninjas, etc.). It pleases me that no matter how much exploring I do in the indie pop universe, there's always oodles more just around the corner. It's like an inexhaustible supply :)