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They can't take everything.

Artist Song
Idlewild  Queen of the Troubled Teens  
The Ramones  Judy is a Punk 
The Police  Next to You  
The Cars  Just What I Needed  
Talking Heads  And She Was  
The Clash  I'm Not Down  
The Fruitbats  Dragonships 
Johnny Cash  Get Rhythm  
Wilco  Heavy Metal Drummer  
The Mountain Goats  Jenny  
Bob Dylan  Outlaw Blues  
The Beatles  Happiness is a Warm Gun  
Magnetic Fields  I Wish I Had an Evil Twin 
Jets to Brazil  Sweet Avenue  
Belle & Sebastian  Like Dylan in the Movies 
Rilo Kiley  Better Son/Daughter 


My boyfriend's drum kit was stolen out of his car last night. I made this to make him feel better. I hope it works.


Fat Albert
Date: 4/5/2006
i think it will work, there's a lot to like on this mix