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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
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for the birds

Artist Song
field recordings  mourning dove 
colleen  everyone alive wants answers  
field recordings  fairy wrens 
akron/family  afford  
field recordings  spinebill 
the arcade fire  my heart is an apple 
field recordings  golden whistler 
sufjan stevens  the lord god bird 
field recordings  cardinal 
tracy + the plastics  oh birds  
field recordings  kookaburra 
jolie holland  all the morning birds  
field recordings  bluebird 
patrick wolf  ghost song  
field recordings  carolina wren 
leonard cohen  bird on the wire  
field recordings  chough 
fruit bats  every day that we wake up it's a beautiful day 
field recordings  great horned owl 
blossom dearie  little jazz bird  
field recordings  raven 
rose polenzani  jesus loves me like a bird  
field recordings  woodthrush 
hope foragoldensummer  malt liquor 
field recordings  song sparrows 
veda hilla  birdsong 
field recordings  black crow 
m83  birds 
field recordings  chickadee 
yo la tengo  tiny birds  


this cd also has the following tracks:

31. field recordings- mockingbird
32. the beatles- blackbird
33. field recordings- crimson rosella
34. the be good tanyas- the littlest birds
35. field recordings- ring necked duck
36. something for kate- feeding the birds and hoping for something in return
37. field recordings- eastern rosella
38. ryan adams & the cardinals- night birds

this mix is for a birthday gift; birds are the biggest part of our lives, so i chose as many songs with field recording samplings as part of the songs as i could; the other songs have bird in the title, or birds as a central idea in the song. inbetween every songs are short field recordings of all the above-mentioned birds to break things up. the result is a cohesive, well-flowing mix.

i would never have found some of these songs without the help of the livejournal community, "bird_songs", so thanks to the people there for posting some of these.
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super relax
Date: 4/6/2006
awesome. i love the frequent field recording interludes. , it adds even more coherence.
Lancelot Link IV1
Date: 4/6/2006
Ha - I'm digging this. I made a bird mix a bit back for a friend and look, we only overlap once. Hmm, I might have to pillage from this mix to make a sequel.
Date: 4/6/2006
The most fascinating of alternating DJ partners. Love this.