Kitsch 'n' Sync

Artist Song
Hoboken  Crazy Glue 
Karl Bartos  15 Minutes of Fame 
The All Seeing Eye  Walk Like A Panther 
Belle and Sebastian  Legal Man  
Margo Guruyan  Sun 
Frazier Chorus  Anarchy in the UK  
I Monster  Daydream in Blue  
Paul Haig  Big Blue World  
Hector Zazou  I'll Strangle You 
Marilyn Manson  Tainted Love  
William Shatner  Common People  


I like this mix - it represents a side of me that people never see... This is a good thing. I like to keep secrets.


Rob Conroy
Date: 4/10/2006
I love the B & S and the Margo Guryan... classics both... I don't know what's so kitschy about them, though.