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Pod 6

Artist Song
pizzicato five  love again 
nikka costa  around the world  
the halo benders  your asterisk  
they might be giants  birdhouse in your soul  
saint etienne  suburban autumn lieutenant 
pavement  black out  
gwen McCrae  move me baby 
cat power  speak for me  
bad religion  american jesus  
the cloud room  the hunger  
death cab for cutie  we laugh indoors  
mosquitos  forever song  
craig wedren  stuck  
elliott smith  twilight  
old 97's  big brown eyes  
faith no more  underwater love  
tapes n' tapes  cowbell 
morrissey  irish blood, english heart  
2 skinnee j's  mind trick  
the mario zelda big band  theme from dragon roost island (the legend of zelda: the wind waker) 


for tara, because she rocks. props to julienerd for musical goodness.