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Let me wear you out

Artist Song
Roxy Music  Ladytron  
Broken Social Scene  Late Night Bedroom Rock for the Missionaries 
T.V. on the Radio  Wear You Out 
Neutral Milk Hotel  King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 
Tom Waits  Pasties & a G-string 
The Cure  The Love Cats (acoustic version) 
The Cramps  Journey to the Center of a Girl 
Tosca  Pyjama  
Max Sedgley  Slowly  
Nick Lowe  Cruel to be Kind  
Wolf Parade  I'll Believe in Anything  


created 04-18-06 it's a mix about sex to have sex to. shh.


Little Spencer Boys
Date: 4/22/2006
shhh, I won't tell... am not sure how some made it to this mix, but then MOST songs are good to have sex to...
I'll explain.

1. about seduction
2. instumentals are always good for sex mixes
3. about more aggressive seduction
4. about a first sexual encounter
5. because private dancing is a healthy part of any sexual relationship
6. because an acousitc song really needed to follow tom waits and this mix was made for a fan of the cure
7. about cunninglingus
8. instrumental with 1970's porn bassline
9. pretty obviously about sex
10. a hint a rough sex that maybe only the person this CD was intended for would pick up on
11. post-coital attachment? since the relationship is over i think this song is more relavant now than at the time when i tacked it on the end of this mix because it was kind of about love but mostly because i liked it. :-)