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Lost in the Mail- The sleater Kinney mix for Tara that actually makes it to Seattle.

Artist Song
Sleater-Kinney  Light rail coyote  
Sleater-Kinney  the end of you  
Sleater-Kinney  ironclad  
Sleater-Kinney  one more hour  
Sleater-Kinney  one beat  
Sleater-Kinney  wilderness  
Sleater-Kinney  the drama you've been craving  
Sleater-Kinney  the remainder  
Sleater-Kinney  all hands on the bad one  
Sleater-Kinney  dig me out  
Sleater-Kinney  oh!  
Sleater-Kinney  #1 must have 
Sleater-Kinney  youth decay  
Sleater-Kinney  dance song '97  
Sleater-Kinney  jumpers  
Sleater-Kinney  burn, don't freeze  
Sleater-Kinney  pompeii  
Sleater-Kinney  was it a lie?  
Sleater-Kinney  memorize your lines  
Sleater-Kinney  things you say  
Sleater-Kinney  leave you behind  
Sleater-Kinney  funeral song  
Sleater-Kinney  the swimmer  
Sleater-Kinney  night light  


again, for Tara, this time more gooder. heh.