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QIX (the spark follows the lines as it attemps to destroy those who create them)

Artist Song
kelly clarkson  walk away  
kelly clarkson  because of you  
live  top  
live  iris  
live  all over you  
live  shit towne  
elastica  in the city  
the cloud room  blackout!  
juliana hatfield  mountains of love 
bad brains  pay to cum  
mates of state  proofs  
mates of state  so many ways  
old 97s  wont be home 
descendents  one more day  
death cab for cutie  expo '86  
go gos  can't stop the world 
fishbone  face plant scorpion back pinch 
peelander-z  S.T.E.A.K 
candy and the kisses  are you trying to get rid of me baby 
the donnas  i didn't like you anyway  
saint etienne  oh my  
stars   liar  
stereotyperider  the lowest part is free 


oh driving and singing goodness. love it. thats right... two kelly (swoon) songs right next to each other. 4 live songs. a mix is whatever you want it to be. dont be afraid. it's ok. trust me.


Date: 4/25/2006
you are awesome. so is your mix. minus "because of you".
Planet of the Tapes
Date: 4/26/2006
Awesome game, awesome mix. *hat is off*
Date: 4/27/2006
I like that 21