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CD | Mixed Genre
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Hey, Pseud

Artist Song
Controller 7  Stane 
Rewind Wonderland  Warm Night by the River 
Noxagt  The Hebbex 
Iran  San Diego 
Threnody Ensemble  Groups 
Max Tundra  6161  
Anna Oxygen  Fake Pyjamas 
Matmos  The Struggle Against Humanity 
Prefuse 73  Shitslime Garbage Can VS. My MPC 
Nirvana  Montage of Heck part 1 
Chris Watson  Cassarina  
Lee Ranaldo  The End of Life in America 
Xiu Xiu  Bog People  
Fennesz  Good Man [#] 
Hymie's Basement  Lightning Bolts and Man Hands 
Lightning Bolt  Wonderful Rainbow  
Pluramon  Noise Academy  
Pluramon  P.S. 
Centro-Matic  Calling Thermatico  
Amina  Fjarskanistan  


I'll give this to Edward http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=17973533
He's a real talented chap. Used to be best friends in primary school and didn't meet again until last year. Would love to trade.

You like to talk about love in terms of digital reproductions
You like to talk about love in terms of percentages.
Looking at you and having no idea who you are
Looking at the mirror and seeing a reflection I wasn't expecting

Take bold steps to describe one's self. Explain one's motives, projects and intentions to strangers. Let's get discursive, eh? Sculpt, mould, invent, chew. Something to sink teeth into, get detritus stuck in your teeth, mental floss.

Write it down. Forget about it. Remember it once more. Rearrange, pull it apart and throw it against the door some. Smash into shards. Rip and tear. Dip into salsa sauce and chew a little. Why not? Hold it in your sleep, why not? Write it out again, see if anyone notices you taking the biggest piece of cookie.
Flower shell melt. Metronome melt. Dazzle milk glow milky everyone is pretty. Party world.
It's axiomatic, baby. I wish you'd take photographs of yourself

I'm amused by fire.
I like wasting water.
It gives me something of a thrill.
I like burning plastic onto foxes.
I managed to hit one a few months ago. He lies next to a gate by a field now, besides a road well travelled.
I like hitting cats with my car, that's my favourite of all, after dogs. Yes.

"I long for the days of disorder. I want them back, the days when I was alive on the earth, rippling in the quick of my skin, heedless and real. I was dumb-muscled and angry and real. This is what I long for, the breach of peace, the days of disarray when I walked real streets and did things slap-bang and felt angry and ready all the time, a danger to others and a distant mystery to myself" (DeLillo).

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Date: 4/30/2006
king and queen are empty; their heads are in the outhouse. (do not go gentle blazing.)