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UGH (Volume V): Mirah

Side A
Artist Song
Mirah  This Dance  
Mirah  Special Death  
Mirah  While We have the Sun  
Mirah & the Black Cat Orchestra  Per I Morti Reggio Emilia 
Mirah  Telescope 
Mirah  Water & Sleep 
Mirah  The Dogs of B.A.  
Mirah  Recommendation  
Mirah  Interlude (12) 
Mirah & the Black Cat Orchestra  Si Me Quieres Escribir 
Mirah  Don't Go  
Mirah  Telephone Wires  
Mirah  In a Sailboat 
Mirah  The Sun  
Mirah  Don't Die in Me 
Mirah & the Black Cat Orchestra  Bella Ciao 
Side B
Mirah  Nobody has to Stay  
Mirah  Million Miles  
Mirah  The Knife Thrower 
Mirah  Cold Cold Water  
Mirah  Pretty Eyes 
Mirah & the Black Cat Orchestra  Monument 
Mirah  Look Up!  
Mirah  Murphy Bed  
Mirah  Interlude (7) 
Mirah  Birthday Present  
Mirah  Lonestar 
Mirah  Body Below  
Mirah  You've Gone Away Enough  
Mirah  Gone Sugaring  
Mirah (featuring Ginger Brooks Takahashi)  Pure 
Mirah & the Black Cat Orchestra  What Keeps Mankind Alive? 
Mirah  Dreamboat  


Yo! 5th installment in the "Unofficial Greatest Hits" is this super-hot and totally not heterosexual rocker Mirah. Her voice will make you wish you were a lesbian. The interludes are from the album "Songs from the Black Mountain Music Project", which has a bunch of tracks named "Interlude", so I've given the track numbers next to the ones on here. Fun stuff!


Date: 5/4/2006
looks very nice and probably sounds even better. great stuff!