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I Can Still See The Floor

Artist Song
Atmosphere  Say Hey There  
Mudvayne  Golden Ratio  
Deftones  Mascara  
Sevendust  Pieces  
Velvet Acid Christ  There Is No God  
Team Sleep  Delorian  
Radiohead  Talk Show Host  
Hopesfall  Eye (Smashing Pumpkins cover) 
Filter  Hey Man Nice Shot  
Meat Beat Manifesto  Suicide  
Sage Francis  Pitchers of Silence  
Insipid  Diving Vein 
Cold  She Said  
Nick Drake  Things Behind The Sun  
Ours  Sometimes  
Placebo  Infra-Red  
Copeland  Black Hole Sun (cover) 
Moby  The Ultimate Fuck Song 


this one is all about the mood, baby. this is a mix to listen to while you lay on your bedroom floor in the dark, with just a single candle lit.


Date: 5/7/2006
I love it when I am laying on my bedroom floor and my candle is lit.