you said "you're gross my darling"/i said "no i'm rock n roll!"

Side A
Artist Song
Accidents Will Happen  Elvis Costello and the Attractions 
The Love You Save  Jackson 5 
Everyday Clothes  Jonathan Richman 
Freeze to Death, Don't Sleep Here  Jaurim 
Hateful  The Clash 
Surrender  Cheap Trick 
Pretty In Pink  The Psychadelic Furs 
Carnival  Bikini Kill 
You Belong To Me  Elvis Costello and the Attractions 
Old School Hollywood  System of a Down 
No One Lives Forever  Oingo Boingo 
Bullet  The Misfits 
Kill The Poor  Dead Kennedys 
Goon Squad  Elvis Costello and the Attractions 
Lawyers, Guns, and Money  Warren Zevon 
Shots  Neil Young & Crazy Horse 
Southern Pacific  Neil Young & Crazy Horse 
Side B
Cowboy Song  Thin Lizzy 
The Beer   Kimya Dawson 
Forever Young  Bob Dylan and the Band 
It Makes No Difference  The Band 
Cry Baby  Janis Joplin 
Caravan  Van Morrison 
Wave A White Flag  Elvis Costello 
Right Back Where We Started From  Maxine Nightingale 
Good Girls Don't  The Knack 
Sorry Sorry  Rooney 
Mystery Dance  Elvis Costello and the Attractions 
Around On You  Screeching Weasel 
Jesus of Suburbia  Green Day 
Rocket Queen  Guns n Roses 
I'm Sorry  Blink 182 


Nothing too new on this one. Since I make most of my tapes for other people, songs tend to overlap a lot. Here are the notes I included with the tape, and my additional comments (explaining inside jokes and the like) to you are in parentheses.

4. This is a Korean band Ali got me into. (Ali is my best friend. The receiver of this tape is half-Japanese, so I thought he'd be interested in where this band was from.)

13. I put these songs together because they sound awesome. Then I realized that it's hilarious, because "Bullet" is about JFK's assassination.

14. I didn't put this in the notes because I thought it would be insensitive, but his dad is a former Marine...

15. When I was 7, I was furious that he only played bars. I was going to write him a letter asking him to play somewhere that I could go.

(My father did indeed go to this show, it was his 39th birthday. He got trashed and partied with Warren Zevon onstage. There wasn't enough room on the paper to include this part. ha!)

Side 2:

1. I love it when foreign bands sing songs about the good ol' days of America. Thin Lizzy is an Irish band.

2. this is the song I got the title from!!!

3. If you listen closely, you can hear Levon helm carry on the harmony long after everyone else.

4. There are no hidde (or overt) double meanings. I think this song is absolutely gorgeous and that's why I put it on here.

(The receiver of this tape is my ex-boyfriend. My current boyfriend thought it would be hilarious if I just left it on there with no explanation.)

6. This isn't quite as funny without the purple sequin jumpsuit, gratuitous leg kicks, or horn section. Oh well, it's still a great song.

Those are all the ones that matter, anyway.


Date: 5/14/2006
nice mix, Rachel. and I love the liner notes.
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 5/15/2006
Excellent Mix Ms. Stardust, as always...