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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

Music to accompany pole dancing

Artist Song
/ Al Green  Let's Stay Together 
| Frankie Valli  Can't Take My Eyes Off You 
\ Al Green  Love & Happiness 
/ The Rolling Stones  Let's Spend the Night Together 
| The Rolling Stones  Brown Sugar 
\ The Rolling Stones  Beast of Burden 
/ David Bowie  Rebel Rebel 
| The Beatles   Helter Skelter 
\ The Beatles  I'm So Tired 
/ Iggy Pop  Pumping For Jill 
| Iggy Pop  Bang Bang 
\ Iggy Pop  The Passenger 
/ Interpol  Evil 
| Interpol  Slow Hands 
\ Interpol  Narc 
/ Pixies  La La Love You 
| Pixies  Hey 
\ Pixies  Is She Weird 
/ My Bloody Valentine  Forever & Again 
| My Bloody Valentine  The Last Supper 
\ My Bloody Valentine  When You Sleep 
/ The Doors  L.A. Woman 
| The Doors  Love Her Madly 
\ The Doors  Five To One 
/ New York Dolls  Looking For a Kiss 
| The Cramps  Journey to the Center of a Girl 
\ The Cramps  Fever 
/ The Beatles  Lovely Rita 
| The Beatles  Come Together 
\ The Beatles  I am the Walrus 


so i had a temporary job as a stripper and this is the mix of songs i took with me to work. they are divided into 3 song sets.


Date: 5/24/2006
i dunno how i'd feel about the beatles pumping in a strip club, but i think the rest of this is pretty darn good.
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 5/24/2006
hahaha, this is great fun. Love the addition of the pole in the title line! Yeah, like Fritz, even with my eyes reeeaalllll squinty, I can't see the dance done with a Beatles soundtrack... but hey, I defer to you. Great job here!
i could pull it off ;-)