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Knock the "D" Out of Your Mouth

Artist Song
Modest Mouse  Float On  
Love and Rockets  So Alive  
Stone Roses  I Wanna Be Adored 
Peter Gabriel  Shock the Monkey  
Stabbing Westward  What Do I Have to Do?  
Guns N' Roses  Better (demo) 
Gogol Bordello  Start Wearing Purple  
Ryan Adams  Firecracker  
Soul Asylum  Sexual Healing  
My Bloody Valentine  When You Sleep  
U2  City of Blinding Lights  
Ned's Automic Dustbin  Kill Your Television 
School of Fish  Three Strange Days 
Jeff Buckley  Last Goodbye  
Alice in Chains  No Excuses  
Counting Crows  Hanginaround  
Bad Religion  Stranger Than Fiction  



Little Spencer Boys
Date: 5/24/2006
I like a lot of this. What were you thinkin'. Was this mostly random?