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The Beggar's Banquet

Artist Song
Day  Lovebug / Gone Bad 
Rehash  Alt. Shade 
El Michels Affair  Behind the Blue Curtains 
Little Beaver  Do Right Man  
Bobby & The Premiers  I Got the Feeling 
Curly Davis & The Uniques  Black Cobra part 1 
Pamoja  Oooh Baby  
Smokey Brooks  Spin it Jig 
Charles Rouse  Hopscotch 
Buddy Montgomery  Stormy 
Lennie Hibbert  Village Soul 
Cedric Brooks  Ethiopia 
Brentford All-Stars  Greedy G 
Cross Bronx Expressway  Cross Bronx Expressway  
Joyce Jones  Help Me Make Up My Mind 
S.O.U.L.  Peace of Mind 
Eddie Bo  Check Your Bucket  
The Meters  6V6 LA  
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66  For What It's Worth  
J.K. & Co.  Fly  
Fred Neil  The Dolphins  


This compilation embodies (for the most part) some great tunes that I've had to beg, borrow, and (in some cases) flat out steal to get my dirty little fingers on. (even borrowed the title from the Rolling Stones!) Most of these I've been looking for for quite some time (e.g. Buddy Montgomery, Little Beaver, Charles Rouse.) A much deserved helping of rare funk & soul, reggae, downtempo, jazz and psychedelic pop. Audio coming soon...

This also appears to be my first post (but certainly not first mix) since February(!) Good to see everyone's still posting quality compilations & mixes.


Date: 5/29/2006
All worthy of petty larceny, I'm sure. Never heard Cross Bronx Expressway by Cross Bronx Expressway but the title reminds me of Harlem River Drive by Harlem River Drive...Fantastic first post!
Date: 5/29/2006
(since February that is...)
Date: 9/13/2006
Feck! (I cannae beleeb I didn't comment 'pon this.) Great stuff here Mr. Attention. J.K. & Co's psych-pop perfecto;Cedric I.M. Brooks; and the might-ay Eddie Bo, too..among others stalwart and such. Post more.