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Cassette | Theme - Narrative
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Perhaps I'm Headed in the Wrong direction

Artist Song
Shellac  Prayer to God  
Propagandhi  Life At Disconnect  
Bad Religion  Shades Of Truth  
Lagwagon  Virus  
The Arcade Fire  Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) 
The Killers  Indie Rock And Roll 
Hum  Stars  
Beck  Mexico 
Sonic Youth  i know ther's an answer 
Soul Asylum  Black Gold (Live) 
Deerhoof  Chatterboxes  
Xiu Xiu  Brian The Vampire  
Wilco  Kicking Television  
field & stream  Salmon Arm 
Ted Leo  Since You've Been Gone/Maps 
I Am Ghost  civil war and isolation thirst  
Sleater-Kinney  Modern Girl  
Social Distortion  Nickels And Dimes 
The Faint  Drop Kick the Punks 


i made this for my trip to the mountains a couple months back. totally for got to post it.