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Artist Song
Super Junky Monkey  Zakuro-no-hone 
Super Junky Monkey  Burn system's flag 
Iron Maiden  Wrathchild  
The Darkness  Get your hands off of my woman 
Fozzy  Mob rules 
Stone temple pilots  heaven and hot rods 
iron maiden  can i play with madness  
helloween  future world  
n.r.g.  instruments of destruction 
tool  prison sex 
dio  evil eyes  
loudness  black star oblivion  
manowar  metal daze  
motorhead  king of kings 
dimmu borgir  behind the curtains of night- phantasmagoria  
the donnas  too fast for love  
spectre general  nothin's gonna stand in our way  
slayer  south of heaven  
stan bush  dare  
beyond fear  my last words  
david bowie  holy holy 


because too much transformers: the movie soundtrack is impossible.
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