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C.D. University

Artist Song
Profs. Three, Dog, & Night  One (Remedial Math) 
Prof. George Strait  4 Minus 3 Equals Zero (More Remedial Math) 
Prof. Tom Lehrer  New Math (Math 301) 
Prof. Tammy Wynette  D_I_V_O_R_C_E (Basic Spelling) 
Prof. Red Foley  M_I_S_S_I_S_S_I_P_P_I (Intermediate Spelling) 
Prof. Baba  Dead Poets (Literature) 
Prof. Tom Lehrer  Oedipus Rex (Literature) 
Prof. Richard Thompson  The Story Of Hamlet (Literature) 
Prof. Bob Seger  Katmandu (Geography) 
Prof. Bob Dylan  Mozambique (Geography) 
Prof. Tom Lehrer  I Got It From Alice (Epidemiology) 
Profs. K. & A. McGarrigle  NaCl (Chemistry 101) 
Prof. Tom Lehrer  The Elements (Chemistry 210) 
Prof. Richard Thompson  Alexander Graham Bell (History) 
Prof. Skyclad  History Lessens (History) 
Prof. Warren Zevon  Frank & Jesse James (American History) 
Prof. Sinead O'Connor  Famine (European History) 
Prof. Randy Newman  Political Science (Political Science) 
Prof. Tom Lehrer  Who's Next (Political Science) 


Listening to the new multi-disc Richard Thompson collection, the songs "Alexander Graham Bell" and "The Story Of Hamlet" started me thinking about this concept. Professor Tom Lehrer is over-represented, but that's because he was such a brilliant satirical song writer. In fact, I could have included several more of his songs ("Wernher Von Braun", for example). Anyway, I'd be glad to get a degree from this university.
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Little Spencer Boys
Date: 6/4/2006
I might get a good GPA from here. I might even go to class.