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CD | Mixed Genre
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zzz ed 2.0

Artist Song
Rye Coalition  Digital Crucifix  
90 Day Men  My Trip to Venus 
Sonic Youth  I Love You Golden Blue  
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone  When You Were Mine  
Prefuse 73  Busy Signal 
Four tet  No More Mosuitoes 
Iran  Yellow Tiger Lemons 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Miles Away  
Liz Phair  Flower  
Smashing Pumpkins  Appels + Oranjes  
Hymie's Basement  Ghost Dream 
Xiu Xiu  I Love the Valley OH 
Primal Scream  Kill All Hippies  
Iran  Pick Up/Stillborn 
Sonic Youth  Nic Fit  
DeVotchKa  You Love Me  
New Pornographers  The Laws Have Changed 
Pixies  The Thing  
Jackie-O Motherfucker  Drake Hotel 
The Postal Service  Natural Anthem  
Lucky Dragons  Fakeisforever  
Elliott Smith  Bye 


Anudda Mix for Duardo. www.myspace.com/mr53

Eating for fun
Running regularly
Eating healthily
Songs cut short
It isn't paying the bills anymore
It doesn't
How much I have missed you
Why don't you get dressed now?
There's some chilli left from last night in the fridge honey
Countless glimpses into other worlds
We've ran out now
You're absolutely right and I knew that anyway
Interminable exposT
What do you do? Prance around forests naked all day?
I'm done
Get a job
Get a job
Get a job
Get a job
Like the world's biggest lie
.and everyone's invited
.and you're invited!

It's not so bad
We're a joke
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Date: 6/6/2006
The Smashing Pumpkins + Liz Phair + the Postal Service are all good tracks good job