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Sewin' up holes in my parka 'cause the eskimos keep tryin' to steal the stuffin'.

Artist Song
Zero 7  Home  
Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade  Long In The Tooth 
Unified Theory  California  
Handsome Boy Modelling School  Class System 
Depeche Mode  Dream On  
Modest Mouse  Sleepwalking 
The Cure  Caterpiller 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon  
the Eels  Wooden Nickles 
Billie Holiday  Gloomy Sunday  
Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers  The Weight 
Mary Prankster  Mercyfuck  
the Beatles  Cry Baby Cry  
Rusted Root  Send Me On My Way  
Velvet Underground  Pale Blue Eyes  
Lovage  Book of the Month 
Johnny Mandel  Suicide is Painless  
Pavement   The Killing Moon  
Woody Guthrie  Worried Man Blues  
Fiona Apple  The Way Things Are  
They Might Be Giants  Your Racist Friend  


I don't know if it's the rain or the season, but I've been awfully melancholy lately. Maybe it's because I needed a new CD in my car. We'll try that. It's all personal favourites; the stuff that cheers me up and I can sing along. :)


Date: 4/17/2008
Seeing as you haven't uploaded a mix in ages, I take it that this is a comment that I make more for myself than for you. Regardless, I think this depressing little mix of yours is fantastic (and this comes from someone who despises Nick Drake). HBMS, Dep. Mode, Cure, Eels and then Gloomy Sunday and also your Velvet Underground choice. Pity you've not made any mixes for so long... And how come this is the only comment made on your mix? And nearly 2 years after you submitted it? Many many puzzling questions.