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Terminal Cases

Artist Song
The Juliana Theory  Into The Dark 
Linkin Park  Breaking The Habit 
Jimmy Eat World  Pain 
Velvet Revolver  Fall To Pieces 
The Red Hot Chili Peppers  Soul To Squeeze 
Adam Pascal  Liken A Razor 
Johnny Cash  Hurt 
Gary Jules  Mad World 
The Scarlet Ending  Such A Shame 
The Perishers  Pills 
Snow Patrol  How To Be Dead 
Ben Harper  Another Lonely Day 
Natalie Imbruglia  Torn 
Dishwalla  Candleburn 
Elliott Smith  Fond Farewell 
Matthew Jay  You're Always Going Too Soon 
Nick Drake  Day Is Done 
Damien Rice  Delicate 
Jeff Buckley  Last Goodbye 


I realize that a lot of my choices for this mix were singles, but they fit with the theme, so I'm rolling with it. The story behind this mix begins with my friend. I just kept reading her journal entries ... they were so hopeless ... and I just sat there and didn't know how to respond. This is my response to anorexia, depression, self-injury, and pain, almost to the point of death. This is what I hope it never comes to. I don't want to open up my newspaper in my twenties, only to see her name and picture in the Obits ....

This was originally going to be a mix with peppy songs about depressing subjects, like Vienna Teng's "Shasta (Carrie's Song)" [abortion] and Ted Leo's "Me and Mia" [eating disorders] but the tone changed. Maybe another day that one will come around!