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CD | Mixed Genre

in store for three months of exile in spain

Artist Song
the aristocats  everybody wants to be a cat 
morrissey  you're the one for me, fatty 
chris isaak  baby did a bad, bad thing 
aden  matinee idol 
counting crows  baby, i'm a big star now 
modest mouse  talking shit about a pretty sunset 
beck  cyanide breath mint 
kissing book  everyday is valentine's day 
liz phair  i'll get you high 
daniel johnston  i saw her standing there 
aimee mann  one 
kristen hersh + michael stipe  your ghost 
elliott smith  thirteen 
matt damon  my funny valentine 
radiohead  punchdrunk lovesick singalong 
simon + garfunkel  the boxer 
smashing pumpkins  landslide 
rufus wainwright  what are you doing new year's? 
pavement  you are a light 


For my friend Tina. I miss her, and since she's driving five hours to come and see a play I'm in this weekend, I figured she deserved a little surprise. Hope she enjoys it.