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put something into everything

Artist Song
Elliott Smith  In The Lost And Found (Honky Bach) 
Broken Social Scene  Anthems For a Seventeen Year Old Girl 
Explosions In The Sky  Your Hand In Mine 
Richard Hell & the Voidoids  All The Way 
Bob Dylan  Boots of Spanish Leather 
Low  Death of a Salesman 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Naomi 
Pixies  Debaser 
Pavement  Shady Lane/ J vs. S 
Decemberists  The Bagman's Gambit 
Wilco  Someone Else's Song 
Elvis Costello  Radio Sweetheart 
My Morning Jacket  Just One Thing 
Cat Power  Sea Of Love 
M. Ward  fool says 


a loving mix with a meloncollie twist and a rise in the second half
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Date: 6/22/2006
It looks like you have a really nice progression going on here. I like a mix that goes from Elliott to a song like Debaser to Cat Power and M. Ward without seeming disconnected.