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They Will Rock You

Artist Song
Sarah Brightman  Who Wants To Live Forever 
Extreme  Love Of My Life 
George Michael and Lisa Stansfield  These Are The Days Of Our Lives 
Warrant  We Will Rock You 
Supernaturals  You're My Best Friend 
Bad News  Bohemian Rhapsody 
James Labrie et all  It's Late 
Robert Plant  Innuendo 
Lisa Stansfield  I Want To Break Free 
Linda Ronstadt  We WIll Rock You 
Bang Tango  Killer Queen 
Georgia  Who Wants To Live Forever 
Sam Black Church  Sheer Heart Attack 
Annie Lennox and David Bowie  Under Pressure 
Elton John and Axl Rose  Bohemian Rhapsody 
George Michael  Somebody To Love 
The Benzedrine Monks Of Santo Dominica  We Will Rock You 


I know some Queen fans that do not like covers because, as one said to me, "It is not as good as Queen!" Well duh! No one is as good at Queen songs as Queen! I like hearing different interpretations of QUeen songs, plus knowing that a band thinks enough of Queen to want to encorporate a song by them into their catalog is enough for me.
This is by far not a complete cover mix of Queen covers, I have much that is on cassette and vinyl but this is the best I could do with 700 megs, 80 minutes and limited to my CD collection.


chad lamasa1
Date: 5/31/2001
what no vanilla ice. oh wait he only ripped off queen and claimed he didn't. cool mix though.
Heather Brown
Date: 5/31/2001
Oh yeah Ice Ice Baby....First I loved the song because it borrowed Queen, then I hated it because it STOLE Queen, now I love it again because Queen won the lawsuit and get royalties from the sale of the album and song. God Bless the justice system. LOL