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Rolling Stones 1973-1978

Artist Song
Rolling Stones  It's Only Rock and Roll  
Hand of Fate  
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo  
100 Years Ago  
Before They Make Me Run  
If You Can't Rock Me  
Crazy Mama  
Mannish Boy [Live]  
When the Whip Comes Down [Live]  


A companion to the "Rolling Stones 1968-1972" collection I posted earlier. I made this compilation primarily for playing in my car, which is why all the songs here are driving rockers. Hence my reason for not including "Miss You," "Angie," "Beast of Burden," or "Hey Negrita" - all great songs nonetheless - because they're slower and thus less conducive to cruising around.

There is another reason I made this comp, as well: I'm not a compilations guy. I CAN'T STAND "greatest hits" comps; I'm a back catalog album guy. The problem is, that Stones have so many great albums that it's hard for me to pick one to listen to when I'm driving. For example, I LOVE Beggars Banquet, but every time I grab it off my CD rack, I see Let it Bleed or Get Your Ya Ya's Out and can't decide which one to play! This way I've got all my favorite songs on one CD and don't have to worry about picking one album over another unless of course I really do want to hear Beggars...

I don't have any of the Stones' 80s releases (nope, not even Tattoo You, although I will be getting it soon!) but from what I understand, '73 through '78 was their last stretch of greatness. Not as great as 1968 to 1972, but still quite good. As I said, these are my favorite tunes from those albums. Enjoy.

PS - "Starfucker" is listed as "Star Star" on Goats Head; it was changed to satisfy their record company.


Date: 6/30/2006
I liked your first comp and I like this one. You're right, this would be good for crusin' with the windows down. I'll be putting it together. Thanks for the inspiration.