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Artist Song
the Kinks  You Really Got Me 
Freddie & the Dreamers  I'm Telling You Now 
the Fourmost  Hello Little Girl 
the Swinging Blue Jeans  Hippy Hippy Shake 
Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas  Bad to Me 
The Yardbirds  For Your Love 
The Honeycombs  Have I the Right? 
The Searchers  Needles and Pins 
Peter and Gordon  A World Without Love 
The Dave Clark Five  Catch Us If You Can 
Chad & Jeremy  A Summer Song 
The Zombies  Tell Her No 
Gerry & the Pacemakers  It's Gonna Be Alright 
Manfred Mann  Sha La La 
The Creation  Making Time 
Donovan  Colours 
David Bowie & the Lower Third  Can't Help Thinking About Me 
Unit 4 + 2  Concrete and Clay 
The Hollies  Stop Stop Stop 
The Spencer Davis Group  Keep On Running 
Gerry & the Pacemakers  Ferry Across the Mersey 
the Troggs  With a Girl Like You 
The Big Three  Some Other Guy 
Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders  Game of Love 
Them  Gloria 
Lulu  To Sir With Love 
The Action  Harlem Shuffle 
the Tremeloes  Show Me 
the Who  Substitute (version 2) 
the Walker Brothers  The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (anymore) 


My first CD mix posting! No, I haven't gone all high-tech on your asses. I've not done it before because I can't convert vinyl and I invariably want to use vinyl for mixes. If I have it all on disc, I'll mix on disc, but if I want to include stuff I have only on vinyl, it's still tape for now. (I know there's ways, I'm just technically flummoxed, and thanx for all the kind suggestions.) Here, I was challenged by my teenage son's friend, who dismissed the whole British Invasion out of hand after the Beatles and Stones. You don't have to ask me twice to prepare a lesson. And this was an excuse to raid Rhino's mighty 9-disc History of the British Invasion series, assembled a couple years ago at some expense. I supplemented with 5 trax from other discs (Bowie, Fontana, Action, Tremeloes, BBC Who) to fill out the story. I know this won't be terribly groundbreaking to the knowing types at AOTM, but it's a good 'un for mere mortals and vastly entertained a party of 40-somethings one evening - everyone wanted (and got) a copy. Two Gerry/Pacemaker trax - so sue me. P.S. - My son's friend never played it, but of course his dad flipped.


Date: 7/1/2006
looks like you've covered the scene well eric...must admit that most of the brit invasion stuff is vastly inferior to what you guys then did in your garages
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/2/2006
This is great, Eric. Welcome to the Digital Age. ;-)
Date: 7/3/2006
Outstanding primer! The kid'll never know what he missed and he'll be worse for it....eschewing education is stupid.
Dead Man
Date: 7/3/2006
Very nice. Many was the time that I had one or more of those Rhino British Invasion discs in my hand at the record store but I knew if I bought one that I'd be overwhelmed with the urge to buy the whole set. Looks like you've done a nice job getting it down to a single disc.
Date: 7/3/2006
Hey Eric! Happy to see that you're now doing the CD thing -- though some might argue that the CD format is now obsolete! ;) Some incredible songs you've collected here. Your friend's son is doing himself a disservice by not playing it. Is the missing song title Concrete & Clay?
Sean Lally
Date: 7/3/2006
who can't love this?