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Strip Malls and Parking Lots

Artist Song
Weezer  Buddy Holly 
Pearl Jam  Alive 
Collective Soul  December 
Nirvana  Smells Like Teen Spirit 
Bush  Come Down 
Blind Melon  No Rain 
Soundgarden  Black Hole Sun 
Black Crowes  Hard to Handle 
Green Day  Basket Case 
The Offspring  Come Out and Play 
Sublime  What I Got 
Sugar Ray  Fly 


These are all songs I heard 349535608 times on the radio as a little guy growing up in the nineties. I figure half of that time must of been spent driving in my mom's car, going in and out of stores, avoiding puddles in parking lots. At the time, I didn't really like this music, it sounded foreign and odd compared to the oldies I usually heard - but the songs stuck with me. I've come to enjoy Soundgarden, Green Day, and the Offspring immensely, but all the others will forever remain memories of being 6-12 years old. I started the mix off with "Buddy Holly," because that's when I first became aware of "modern rock," as it's called, and also because I actually knew who sang the song. So there ya have it...