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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

welcome to the country club where the playas play

Artist Song
Three Six Mafia  Pussy Got You Hooked 
Lucky Boy's Confusion  Hey Driver 
Benny Goodman  Changes 
D4L  Bobblehead 
Bread  Make It With You 
Radiohead  There There 
Frank Sinatra  Come Fly With Me 
Ludacris  Get Back 
Christopher Cross  Lady in Red 
Promise Ring  Bread and Coffee 
Dead Kennedys  Too Drunk to Fuck 
Young Holt-Ultimate  Soulful Strut 
Wu-Tang Clan  Triumph 
John Mayer  My Stupid Mouth 


I started out making a mix filled with songs that are completely perfect for the country club, then changed my mind and put songs completely inappropriate for such a setting. Awesome.
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Date: 7/10/2006
first you throw a whole loaf of Bread into the pot, then you whap us with the unprecedented triple whammy of Sinatra/Ludacris/Christopher Cross! you're all over the place and I love it.