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Guest starring Rex Harrison as Abraham Lincoln

Artist Song
Johnny cash (with Joe Strummer)  Redemption song 
towa tei (feat biz markie and mos def)  BMT 
R.E.M. (feat. Thurston Moore)  crush with eyeliner 
Peaches (feat. Iggy Pop)  Kick it 
Fishbone (feat. Gwen stefani, rick james and george clinton)  everybody is a star 
shudder to think (feat. Liz Phair)  erecting a movie star 
Bad religion (feat. Tim Armstrong)  television 
belly (feat. juliana hatfield)  hot burrito #1 
craig wedren (with david wain on b.g. vocals)  stuck 
sleater-kinney (feat john cameron mitchell)  prisstina 
bjork (feat thom yorke)  i've seen it all 
saint etienne (feat david essex)  relocate 
tori amos (feat. trent reznor)  past the mission 
10,000 maniacs (feat. Michael stipe)  a campfire song 
the dirty three (feat. cat power)  great waves 
william shatner (feat joe jackson)  common people 
cat power (feat eddie vedder)  evolution 


tonights episode: "guess who's coming to MURDER"


Date: 7/17/2006
Wow! Fun concept!This is cool. Cash, Tori, Bjork, Belly, R.E.M., 10,000 Maniacs! Also - I have been curious about that Peaches and Iggy song.
The Midnight Toker
Date: 7/17/2006
Very cool. Great music all around.