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Elvis' Golden Decade 1996-2005

Artist Song
Costello & Nieve  Just About Glad (live) 
Costello & Nieve  Little Atoms (live) 
Elvis Costello  The Other End of the Telescope 
Elvis Costello  Complicated Shadows 
Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach  The Darkest Place 
Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach  Toledo 
Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach  God Give Me Strength 
Elvis Costello  45 
Elvis Costello  Tart 
Elvis Costello  Smile 
Elvis Costello  Almost Blue (live) 
Elvis Costello  I'm In the Mood Again 
Elvis Costello & the Imposters  Country Darkness 
Elvis Costello & the Imposters  Either Side of the Same Town 
Elvis Costello & the Imposters  Monkey to a Man 
Elvis Costello & the Imposters  The Scarlet Tide 
Costello & Nieve  Alison/Living a Little, Laughing a Little/Tracks of My Tears/Tears of a Clown/No More Tearstained Make-Up/Clowntime Is Over (Medley) (live) 


Elvis is by far my fave artist (Beatles my fave group - two faves, so what). Most contemporaries lost sight of him around 'Trust' if not 'This Year's Model.' I think he's stayed vital to this day, even if I haven't warmed to 'River in Reverse' yet. 'God Give Me Strength' may be his all-time best. So to clue in a friend, I made this Golden Decade mix a few months ago. He hated it of course, and will likely be seen at the next concert bellowing for 'Alison.' A few trax from the mighty Costello & Nieve live box, an absolute must-have and mostly superior versions to the 'All This Useless Beauty' versions. Elvis lives!


joey de vivre
Date: 7/20/2006
I must admit I prefer the young Elvis to the old one (no matter which Elvis) but you make a good case that EC rocks on, & has left "this year's model" way behind . . .
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/20/2006
I don't share your intense love of Elvis past Spike (with the exception of The Delivery Man), but this is a good collection from that period.
Eric Schmuckler
Date: 7/20/2006
before anyone else pipes up, i am surely not arguing that later elvis is better than early elvis, just that the later stuff is still great. and that albums like 'all this useless beauty,' 'delivery man,' the bacharach album and 'when i was cruel' (in order of preference) are excellent records. 'brutal youth's pretty great too. another thing about this beloved entertainter - he does not leave his past behind, he always mixes in old faves, often reimagined. long may he reign.
anthony lombardi
Date: 7/20/2006
i'm a die-hard costello fan all around, not just of his earlier work - that elvis costello & burt bacharach collaboration album is excellent, though i must say my favorite album of his is blood & chocolate. this is a great summation of this particular period though
Sean Lally
Date: 7/22/2006
This is good - makes me remember that he never really went south. I guess I just slowly lose interest after "Imperial Bedroom".... but then there's "King of America" and "Spike" and so many great tracks on so many other albums. I guess Elvis has the curse of releasing so many flawless albums out of the gate....
Sister ZoT Jarvis
Date: 7/24/2006
Too bad your friend hated this Golden Decade mix. Intervention is imminent as your friend is clearly on drugs!