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What Peaches taught me.

Artist Song
Peaches  Hit it hard 
Peaches  I'm the kinda 
Peaches  Hot rod 
Peaches  cum undun 
Peaches  downtown 
Peaches  I don't give a fuck 
Peaches  operate 
Peaches  tent in your pants 
Peaches  shake yer dix 
Peaches  two guys 
Peaches  stuff me up 
Peaches  back it up 
Peaches  AA XXX 
Peaches  the inch 
Peaches  set it off 
Peaches  get it 
Peaches  bag it 
Peaches  fuck the pain away 
Peaches  slippery dick 
Peaches  sex (i'm a) 
Peaches  lovertits 
Peaches  felix partz 


yum, peaches. in honor of seeing her (this past saturday) is a faves of peaches mix. while one would think she would be this totally aggrochick, she was probobly the cutest most adorable thing ever. interesting fun fact: i went thinking (and hoping) the crowd would be full of debauchery, but in fact (the nyc crowd at least) was comprised of an army of young girls dressed like joan jett. no shit. wasn't a girl there that didn't look like she walked out of a donnas video. not that i had a problem with this of course...


Mr. Mirage
Date: 7/25/2006
Well, with a description like that audience, I must check out some Peaches, post haste!
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 7/26/2006
Saw her open for ....Trail of Dead and Queens of the Stone Age a couple years ago and don't know if adorable is the word I would use but she did rock! Nice job.
mistress drusilla
Date: 8/2/2006
you went to a peaches show and didn't take me? i am hurt.