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Broken Fingers

Artist Song
godspeed you! black emperor   lift yr. skinny fists like antennas to heaven 
sunset rubdown  sorry i sang on your hands that have been in the grave 
the jesus and mary chain  you trip me up 
elvis costello  accidents will happen (live) 
talking heads  no compassion 
pixies  bone machine 
the unicorns   jellybones 
sonic youth  bone 
tilly & the wall   fell down the stairs 
interpol   slow hands 
raincoats  no side to fall in 
the starlight mints   whats inside of me? 
wolf parade   its a curse 


created 07-23-06

I asked him to pick a theme for a mixed cd and he said, "broken fingers" because we were talking about it at the time. This is the result.


anthony lombardi
Date: 7/27/2006
oh wow i really love this! 2-7 is an excellent run of songs, just to mention a few - great job